Looking To Make A Land Investment? Pakistan's Real Estate Awaits You

Federal budget and the introduction of real estate investment and law amendments are the factors that have prejudiced sector's progression.

Pakistan’s real estate sector is trying to grow in terms of profitability and investment just like all other sectors.

Many factors like the introduction of the real estate investment trust and federal budget have prejudiced the progression of the industry.

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After the latest budget of 2017-18, the rates of withholding tax on filer and non-filer have been changed and due to this, many investors have pulled out their investments from different banks in Pakistan.

These mechanisms along with different attracting factors encouraged residents of Pakistan and non-resident Pakistanis to invest in appreciated long and short-term investment projects.

Introducing the world with latest trend shifts in Pakistan real estate, the latest international real estate, and investment show is bringing third Pakistan property exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The particular event was held by the support of the Pakistan Embassy, Pakistan Association Dubai, and Pakistan Business Council. The event vitrines the country’s foremost creators and real estate agents under one rooftop to display the best investment options including spot sales and visions. All visitors are expecting to see a change in property from Gwadar, Gujranwala, Karachi, and other major cities.

Georges is the managing directors of Dome Exhibition – an International real estate exhibition. This exhibition is providing secured and safe properties and homes to Pakistanis by conveying the right opportunities through it. Their main aim is to attract more than 10,000 Pakistani investors.

The exhibition will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on 2-4 November. The Exhibition allows real estate hulks like Multan Housing Lahore, DHA, Model housing Lahore, Bahria Town, and New Lahore City to display the latest properties for ambitious and genuine buyers.

All investment companies and real estates will have a golden chance for marketing of their products in front of Pakistani investors through different marketing strategies and marketers like Star marketing, Athar marketing, and Midas Group. Do not miss the opportunity!

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