Kuri Model Village Islamabad – What’s Halting The Progress?

Kuri Model Village is a well-known project and still waiting for the development work to start. When the federal capital was established in the region, the project was drifted at that time. According to some source, the award for the acquiring the land was announced in 1966. The development work has not started yet.

Here you go for a brief introduction about Kuri Model Village and reasons behind its overdue development.

Project Details:

The project has covered a width of 3200 acres of land along with neighboring Rehala and Mouza Mojahan all are located in Islamabad’s zone IV. The site of the village is enclosed with many grand housing schemes like Park View city, Bahria Enclave, Pakistan Housing authority’s apartments and Park Enclave I and II. The model house for village is as 30x70 feet (approximately 9 Marlas)

CDA Capital Development Authority has launched the project like many other projects in Islamabad. This project has intentionally planned the establishment of housing units of thousands of people due to the double size of sector as compared to the regular sector. Most of the plots are expected to be allotted to the people who lost their land at the time of acquiring land by CDA.

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The CDA issued allotment letters to all the affected people after the latest award announcement in 2010. But That list has some fake entries of the people who were not affected. This issue was investigated later by the FIA in 2013 and then they issued a report on it.

Some sources claimed that 3674 entries in the list were fake. Due to the point of double entries, the agency has claimed some fake and incomplete entries with fake documents.

However, CDA has taken a step on it and banned all the fake transfer of plot files in Kuri Model Village. This is the major reason behind its static property rates.

Current Performance:

According to some sources, Islamabad Mayor believes that Kuri Model Village has taken some serious stepladders to start the work due to the decision by CDA to rehabilitate the affectees of Park Enclave project. But the development work has not started yet due to the stay order by the High Court of Islamabad. The stay order has been issued by the request of affectees who said that they are the real owners of the land. All these issues have banned the file transfer in Kuri Model Village.


All the plot owners have been allotted the plot numbers by CDA after the clearance by FIA.  9-Marla plot files have different market value than others. 9-marla files in Kuri Model Village has a range of about PKR PKR 1.6 million but that of 9-marla plots are PKR 4,000,000.

All the file owners are required to visit the CDA office for the allotment of plot numbers and they have to pay the demolition fee along with development charges. After this process, the plot number is allotted to the file by the civic authority. The market value of these plots will surely change and go upward after the allotment of plot numbers.


All the interested buyers in Kuri Model Village have no choice except to wait for the banned files and plots. The project has prodigious probability because rates have mounted to PKR 10 million and the files will take a new growth when the ban issue will resolve.

According to CDA, it is expected that the good news will be announced soon in this matter.

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