Is Lahore Going To Become Pakistan’s Most Populous City?

Lately, there has been a trend of people and families moving to Lahore from Karachi, and some propose that this is because of the fact that Lahore has turned into a favored place to live. Although there is an anecdotal confirmation that backs this theory, there is no reliable verification that more individuals are moving from Karachi to Lahore than the other way around, since we don't have data on this inter-city development.

In any case, the provisional results of the current evaluation do give us some sign that Lahore is becoming the favored city among those relocating towards the urban communities.

As indicated by the statistics, in the previous 19 years, the number of inhabitants in Karachi has increased by 60%, an expansion of around 5.56 million individuals. A significant increment in fact, yet at the same time not as much as what individuals anticipated. In correlation, Lahore's populace has swelled up by 116%, which is an expansion of right around 6 million individuals. Karachi is, for now, the most crowded city with a population of around 14.91 million, but with 11.13 million occupants and counting, Lahore is rapidly getting up to speed.

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Are There Any Explanations For This Shift?

Better Management:

Management of large cities is a precarious business. Public services are a major factor in assessing the livability of a city – from waste collection and transfer to transportation, and from the provision of clean water to upkeep of urban infrastructure. There is apparently a gulf forming between the two urban areas in such manner.

Lahore Real Estate Is Cheaper And Offers More Variety:

Lahore, as generally viewed, is a better-managed city than Karachi. If one is in a position to pick between the two cities, this may well turn out to be the main factor.

Lahore offers numerous more choices regarding real estate. There is a wide assortment of gated communities on offer that pulls in a colossal number of genuine buyers. Some are near the downtown area, while others are in suburbs. Not only the city contains international standard housing schemes, but many projects, mainly on the fringe of the city, focus on the upper-middle-class.

On the other hand, the land is substantially more costly in Karachi. As per some surveys, the cost of land per square ft here is PKR 5,822, when compared with PKR 3,973 in Lahore. There are some huge investments coming into Bahria Town Karachi and DHA City Karachi, however, Lahore is extending at a substantially more prominent pace.

These were are some major reasons behind the sensational increment in Lahore's population, and the lower than expected rise in Karachi's. Do you agree with the attestations made in the article? Can you think of different elements that may also be impacting everything here? Give your feedback in the comment section beneath.

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  • Shuja Hassan

    June 8, 2018 AT 02:00 PM

    right now lahore real estate is much higher than any other city

    umer malik

    July 14, 2018 AT 07:17 AM

    according to my observation, the real estate market in Karachi is more promising then Lahore.

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