DHA Valley’s Lilly and Oleander blocks re-balloted – what’s next

Th re-balloting meeting of DHA homes was held on 7th June which was arranged at Jungle restaurant in DHA phase I, having 300 people as a host.



The ceremony had started at around 6:30 pm and lasted for less than 30 minutes. All the stakeholders were expecting an announcement regarding their stake but it did not happen. Ballot conclusion has released and results will be made available at the information desk and will be sent to successful owners by post. Meanwhile, ballot results will also be made available to the attendants to have a look on them.

The ballot board for DHA Homes’ re-ballot comprised DHA Islamabad and Rawalpindi Secretary Col. Ijaz Hussain, DHA Director Transfer & Record Col. Amir Akbar Khan, DHA Director IT & T Lt. Col Muhammad Yahya Siddiqi, DHA Director Finance Kashif Sharif, DHA Director Customer Support and Operations Masood Sadiq, GHQ AG Branch W & R Directorate Lt. Col Muneeb Muhammad.

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Missed Elements:

In that re-ballot ceremony, no announcements were made regarding balloting of DHA houses. Re-ballot was done for home in Lilly and Oleander which is a signal that indicates that DHA Valley has no longer a sector named DHA homes. All this information was not shared and mentioned in the ceremony. So, the attendants did not receive any update and command regarding their investments.


Presence in Re-ballot:

Those owners that own 5 Marla and 8 Marla homes in DHA Valley and paid full surcharge were included in the Ballot. According to some latest information, plot numbers for all the people in the list were shuffled. Many people lost out their plot numbers with prime locations.



There is no particular date or timeframe mentioned except that rumors are making rounds in the market. Some believe that DHA will soon start sending letters of possession for 650 built units by 15th June. But for those units which are under-construction, DHA shared a timeframe that might span from 3 to 6 months. None of the information is official at the moment.


Effects and Impact on Rates:

There is a high rise in the price of around 15-20% by the announcement of re-ballot. Before the re-balloting, the profit on 5- Marla and 8-Marla reached the PKR 500,000 mark. There are rumors that there may be another announcement on its way that causes the prices to reach its peak.

The asking profit for the units that are ready for possession in Lilly and Oleander will certainly increase. The expected profit of these units is expected to be in between PKR 1 to 2 million because of their undervaluation.



If you are being selected on the Ballot, congratulations and if not, then kindly clear your dues before another announcement of re-ballot for remaining homes and plots.

Carrying out re-ballot ceremony for homes in Lilly and Oleander showing that DHA is trying to fix the problems of stakeholders.

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    Thanks for sharing information well effort Currently in DHA Valley DHA Valley is a housing project initiated by the Defence Housing Authority situated next to DHA Phase 2 extension.The society will be connected to the Islamabad Expressway via the six-lan

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