Defence Housing Authority Quetta

An Overview of the Quetta City


Quetta is the metropolitan city and the capital of Baluchistan. It’s the most populous city of the province of Baluchistan. Quetta city is the hub of culture, rich heritage, and a place where you can find the people from all parts of the country. This city has a magnificent value of commercial activities because of two neighboring countries Afghanistan & Iran. Quetta is connected to Karachi through RCD road, rail-track and an international Airport is also offering daily flights and Railway trains to travel to the rest parts of the country.

 In winter weather is extreme cold with chilled breeze. Quetta offers a variety of cultural and delicious cuisine such as Sajji, Dam-pukhat, BBQ with variety of traditional breads. A vast variety of dry and fresh fruits are also commonly available to come from within the country and outside the neighboring countries.

A night vision of the city gives a captivated view due to surrounded by mountains and less pollution. The mainly dominated population is Baloch who speaks the Balochi language. Quetta is also a center of education in Baluchistan, several universities, colleges, technical education centers, cadet colleges, computer IT institutes, and medical colleges are playing a vital role to build the knowledge/educational capacity of the residents of Baluchistan.


Defence Housing Authority


Defence Housing Authority Quetta is the latest addition in the Defence Housing Authorities series. DHA (Defence Housing Authority) has become a name of security & credibility in Pakistan for the real estate investors. At the same time, DHA (Defence Housing Authority) gives a handful of profits on its investments anywhere in Pakistan. Defense Housing Authority offers a secure way of transfers without any hurdles to the investors, this is the reason DHA (Defence Housing Authority) is always the 1st choice of investors to invest in property.


Defence Housing Authority Quetta Overview


Defence Housing Auhotrity Quetta is situated adjacent to Zargun Road and Quetta cantonment, this is the most lucrative area of the Quetta city which gives a real value to DHA Quetta.

Development work in Quetta Housing Authority is at full pace and the main gate of the society is completed. On the infrastructure there is also a significant development taking place, we must say this is the fastest development work in any DHA Society after DHA Multan and DHA Gujranwala. Development work speed is grabbing the investors’ attention in real estate sector.


Investor Guide for DHA Quetta


DHA Quetta plot files are available in 1 Kanal, 10 Marlas & 05 Marlas. The most-traded files are in the size of 01 Kanal. It is also observed in the last two-three months prices are almost doubled and demand was clearly high for the 1-Kanal affidavit and Early Birds files. Early Bird is a category that was introduced by DHA Quetta in 1 Kanal plot file. In DHA Quetta Plots under the “allocation” category are available at less cost, because selling such plot’s owner needs to pay the transfer fees and other charges but it doesn’t apply in open files. This price difference between allocation and open file also shows how active players/investors are participating in the selling/buying in DHA Quetta.

About the balloting, sources from DHA management claim that it may take place in 2022 and possessions can be offered in the coming two to three years.


DHA Quetta is a huge society in terms of land space, it is also expected in the coming years they may offer high-rise plazas and residential apartments to make it more modernized like other DHAs are.




In the keeping view of the rise in prices for the last two years in DHA Quetta encourages that it’s the most advisable society in DHAs to invest to make some good profit. On the other side, if you fairly investigate Quetta city, you can’t find any organized and privileged residential society in the city.


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