New Trends of 1 Kanal House in Bahria Town, Lahore

Bahria Town is the name of every sundry. Every person in Pakistan knows about it. It does not need an introduction. Every residential housing project aims to provide the people of Pakistan a state-of-the-art lifestyle. With regard to why Bahria Town now has a gold residential standard and is becoming more famous, we cannot pay tribute to a certain cause or factor. We simply appreciate the developers because they paid attention to details and dedication and brought the finest architecture and modernity to us. If you are interested in investment opportunities in Lahore, particularly for 1 Kanal houses, then here is a detailed report on 1 Kanal houses in Bahria Town, Lahore.


Normal Price Of 1 Kanal House in Bahria Town, Lahore 


Bahria Town, Lahore, is divided into various sections from A to F, while each section is further divided into blocks. Every block has a distinct set of characteristics in terms of its development size and shape. This blog explores the top blocks for purchasing 1 Kanal houses and their average price trends in Bahria Town Lahore.

Takbeer Block, Jasmine Block, Ghouri Block and Shaheen Block rate above in terms of prices, according to the data collected. Some of the factors behind this higher price tag include their geographical location, intense demand development time, and proximity to services and facilities.

When you look into the prices of 1 Kanal homes in Overseas A, Gulbahar Block, Babar Block, Janiper Block, and Usman Block you can see that one of the main reasons for selling the lower price is that these blocks are slightly less developed compared with the previously mentioned blocks while a number of blocks are still in possession row. ⠀

Therefore, once the houses in the area have been fully constructed, there is expected a substantial rise in the cost of houses in these blocks. 


Most Popular Blocks For 1 Kanal Houses In Bahria Town

Jasmine Block, Overseas A Block, and Ghouri Block, these are the three most common and the best blocks to buy one Kanal house in Bahria Town. Take a look at the details and get to know why these blocks have surmounted our list!



Jasmine Block is the largest and best block with 1 Kanal house for sale in Bahria Town. It does not shock us that this block is in the first position due to its growing demand and rapid development. The Jasmine Block is located near to almost every service, including public transport, schools, health care facilities and recreational facilities.

It is a favourite for many developers and property buyers in Lahore, as this block is only 5 minutes drive from the main entrance to the housing system. Jasmine Block is situated in the west division of the housing scheme and is easy to reach from Canal Road if you look into its location. Buyers prefer this block because it is within arm's length from the famous landmark of Talwar Chowk, in Bahria Town, Lahore.


Jasmine Block is a fully-developed block that includes two large Parks, commercial markets, beautifully designed houses and the Jasmine Mall. The roads are smooth and safe for the arrivals and departures from and to the block. Jasmine Block is preferred by homebuyers, particularly those who are looking for reasonable prices for their homes and residences in Lahore.

Looking at flashlights for an investor, Jasmine Block is a hot cake because of Jasmine Mall and latest developments and growth opportunities. Among the various top-selling properties, investors and homebuyers choose 1 Kanal houses in Jasmine Block. The average cost of 1 Kanal house in Jasmine Block is PKR 4,7 crore.

Apart from 1 Kanal plot, this block is also very popular for 10 marla plots.


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Overseas A- Block Bahria Town, Lahore

Overseas A is an exclusive block in Overseas Enclave, which is one of the most popular blocks in Bahria Town. This popularity has more than one reason. First of all, this block is a sign of quality and elegance with esthetically built residential units.

Many parts of the block are already developed and in possession while potential buyers will purchase ready-to-move houses which are almost entirely fitted for the luxury amenities.


The Block is known to be the first preference of foreigners and their families, in accordance with global architectural standards and luxurious furnishings. One of the key factors in the location of the block is the way to Talwar Chowk where people can access the commercial block and a number of other amenities. The Grand Jamia Mosque, Bahria Town School, Al Falah Plaza, Horse Riding Club and Rose Garden are all major attractions adjacent to and are within Overseas Block. Important institutions such as the Beaconhouse School are also only a few kilometres away.

As far as prices are concerned, Overseas A serves as a lure for many developers and land-seekers because of housing prices in the area. The average price in Overseas A for 1 Kanal house is PKR 4.2 crore. 


Ghouri Block In Bahria Town

Ghouri Block ranked third on our list of best blocks for 1 Kanal houses in Bharia Town Lahore.  

Ghouri Block is situated in Sector B of Bahria Town and can be easily reached from Central boulevard. Canal Road is also near to this block which is at its west side. Ghouri Block is in a fairly affordable price range compared with other residential units in the same neighbourhood, especially in view of the near-perfect location. In Ghouri Block the normal price for 1 Kanal house is PKR 4.3 crore.


Clearly, due to its location and the range of associated facilities the price tag is fully justified. Firstly, the town's most iconic landmark, Meadows, is unbelievably close to the Ghouri Block and Takbeer Block is not far more than 5 minutes drive. The block is also connected to Bahria Town Hospital. In the commercial area of Bahria, though, you'll find a wide variety of retail outlets, fitness centres and salons within walking distance. Because of the proximity of the block to the commercial area, the Bahria Food Court and CineGold Cinema are easy to reach.


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