DHA Peshawar, A State of The Art Housing Society

The Defense House Authority announced its first initiative in the capital of KPK with the name of DHA Peshawar. It is another success soon after its successful completion in the major cities of Pakistan. We cannot doubt that the housing projects initiated by the Defense Authority in Pakistan, due to the demand of the sector, have become synonyms of brilliance. And DHA Peshawar has always been the most famous and prestigious personal achievement for citizens in the provincial capital and neighbouring cities.

As the most trusted name in the property market and real estate business, we used this chance to compile a list of reasons why DHA Peshawar's position is just perfect and why you should care about living or investing in the community. 


Vision Behind the DHA Peshawar 

DHAP was designed and developed in conjunction with the vision statement which is stated in the following lines in 2007. It was proposed as the regulated housing society under the Defence Housing Authority flagship. The following is the vision statement of DHAP.


“To provide state of the art neighbourhood equipped with all essential amenities contributing to the quality of life in a peaceful and secure environment to enable its residents to live their dreams to their utmost satisfaction.”


You have got the clue of vision why DHA was proposed. It emphasized all the necessary amenities for a peaceful living.

The Defense Housing Authority has started the selection identification zoning and acquisition process in the first years of its establishment. It slowly became the most wanted housing system in the country, offering continuous dedication to efficiency, satisfaction for customers and protection.  In addition, DHA Peshawar has posted the highest returns as compared to other DHA schemes across the region, according to local real estate experts.


Location Of DHAP

DHA Peshawar is a dream choice for everyone who wishes to settle in the provincial capital. It is located in the vicinity of Sheik Abad and only a few km from Hayatabad. It is not a matter of concern to examine the near-perfect location of the town from any part of the city. Because Warsak Dam Road in north-western Division and theN-5 running close by. The community also enjoys a strong relationship with some of the city's most famous and successful societies like Hafiz City, Yaseen City and the Regi Model Colony.


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Why You Want Living or Investing in DHA Peshawar?

DHAP has a world-class living environment according to the official page of the housing project. It provides you with all you need for a good quality lifestyle at your door. The private sector expects steady growth and progress in the facilities available to increase resident living standards and create a number of incentives for investment. Here is a list of DHA Peshawar facilities which make it one of KPK's top areas for life:

  • It is the first gated community in Peshawar
  • World standards of living
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Well-organized road systems 
  • Supported by Defence Housing Authority 

In respect to all these developments and facilities, it is fair to say that DHAP represents a mark of excellence in housing schemes. 


On-Going Developments in DHA Peshawar

By the end of 2019, a few sectors will be finished in DHA Peshawar!

DHA was initiated with a view to providing proper luxury residents to army personnel of Pakistan and to their families. Now, DHA Peshawar has opened its doors for common civil people as well. DHAP is currently being developed and several facilities are under development.


Properties Price in DHA Peshawar

DHA Peshawar has a range of selling properties!

The company offers an ample range of opportunities for property hunters and developers for anyone who wants to secure their assets in DHA Peshawar.

The price of 5 plots in DHAP falls between PKR 38 lakh to PKR 42 lakh, depending on the area and the kind of plot. The price tag of PKR 28 lakh to PKR 60 lakh is for 10 Marla plots, without considering location and form of plots. The price for 1 Kanal plots in DHAP is PKR 1.6 crore to PKR 1.35 crore.

On the other side, a few readily built homes can also be sold in DHAP whereas other projects are underway. Investors and homebuyers will soon have more options in DHA Peshawar to preserve their hard-earned money.


  • hamza

    July 5, 2021 AT 05:53 PM

    DHA is the best place to invest I have done work with https://www.parkone.com.pk/ its also a big company that with u can invest in the right way in property


    August 6, 2021 AT 07:31 AM

    Seems to be a great Initiative


    August 6, 2021 AT 07:31 AM

    Seems to be a great Initiative

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